Official Farrier

             2008 - 2014 Latin American Breeder's Cup Thoroughbred Races



I am a professional farrier in the State of California, USA,  since 1989, serving mainly the central coast and southern California .  I am committed to giving the highest quality hoof care to those horses under my care. I am a certified farrier with the California Horse Racing Board, American Association of Professional Farriers, Oklahoma Farrier's College;  Also I attend several advanced training programs such a the "International Hoof Care Summit" every year. I continue to expand my horizons, seeking ongoing education from some of the best farriers and equine lameness veterinarians in the world.


Take Action

I am actively conducting seminars for farriers, veterinarians, trainers and owners in various countries around the world promoting healthy hoof care. If you feel that your horse is not getting the proper hoof care and is not performing at it's fullest .... I can help ....