I endorse Well-Horse products : They are multiple award winning products

Well-Horse Resin

100% natural topical antibacterial wound treatment and antifunal for scratches, rainrot and ring worm- Accelerates the wound healing process. Grows new skin tissue fast, seals the wound, hair grows back original color, no proud flesh. Rated number one by Horse Journal.


100 % Natural topical remedy that kills thrush and white line on contact and heals soft tissue damage including abscesses. Rated number one by Horse Journal for severe thrush.

"Having to shoe the best horses in Latin America for the most important performance of their careers is a big responsibility. I can't jeopardized their health using products that are caustic and toxic. I ONLY use Well-Horse products, specially "Thrush-Off" for the hooves because is the only product in the market that kills bacteria on contact and heals damaged tissue very FAST. I use it on bleeding quarter cracks, puncture wounds, severe thrush, sensitive frogs and soles, abscesses, cracked heels and also as a drying and antibacterial daily maintenance to prevent invasive bacteria that will create a problem. Keep it safe and simple"


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